Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grocery Saving Websites

Online Shopping Guide: Shopping Online Can be Convenient, Economical and Safe..As you know everyone is trying everything to cut the cost of living down. But we still need to save money on groceries and other everyday needs.The more we cut back the more we spend time with our family , wow!

Well I was watching the news yesterday and it showed a couple of companies that actually sent out checks 4 times a year of the saving people made with their purchased from stores like Walmart,Nordstrom, Office Max, Barnes and Noble, there are hundreds.

Basically you have to shop online, however I saw that if you already have Walmart account you can join in and shop at the store! I'm sure this feature works with other stores.



Grocery Coupon Websites

You go to the site join it took me a second, all I had to do was put my email address in to get started. How easy is that to save money online grocery shopping and other household items. You then will find what your store you want to shop in and click on their tracking number an choose you items.They have deals you can't get in the store and you get cash accumulating for four months of shopping.

SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer with Embedded Thermal Printer (SS-101)You have to shop anyway why not do it an get paid. I do mean every store is listed. I thought I would be disappoint but there are hundreds of stores to shop at. Even the ones you thought you could not afford. Now you can treat yourself at a cheaper prize and get money back.

Before I forget there is another site call can shop at places like Armani Exchange, Get tickets for Six Flags, Airline, Dave and Buster's,Macy's and save up to 90% on specials.Macy's currently has a 65% off home furnishing special going on.

You can even get Free Printable Coupons from! All you need is your grocery list.. How great is that?!

Fatwallet has a forum with people across the country telling you where more deals are.You can find a deal at Target a few miles from you and grab a deal a neighbor spoke about!

They also have a brick and mortar area also and down loadable coupons. I'm sure ebates have down load ables if you look for them.wait..Let me check now, one minute ....thanks for waiting, I didn't see any down loadable coupons, however you can make hotel reservations.

 We have cut down on waste, learned to budget, spend more quality family time, and learn to get along with others better. We've volunteered, raised more monies for charities, established more help organizations even the children!

What a country. We are survivors. Just look at all the blogs on being frugal. That alone speaks for itself. Check out those sites now and save save save.
By the way they have been around for over 10 years and are members with the BBB. I guess we had to go through some things to find out.

You can buy almost anything food,clothe,bikes, exercise equipment, bath a beauty items, hotel stays, airline tickets,furniture, music, pet supplies,restaurant deals,you name it.
Fatwallet has also has a forum where people are sharing car deals and other money saving tips with each other.
I almost forgot this website has car insurance to "AsSeenOnTv" they looked kind of skimpy on first view but mosey around and they will surprise you! I found Omaha Beef with over 60% discount and many many more money saving surprises!

10 Money Saving Tips

  1. Use tax refund to pay down dept.
  2. Educate yourself by reading advice by financial advisers,such as Suzy Orman.
  3. Credit Cards only to be use for emergencies.(It's Harder To Spend The Green Stuff)
  4. Family must work as a team to save.
  5. Give up some luxuries (cable,going out,etc) and do family games at home.
  6. Trade clothe instead of shopping for new ones.Kids grow fast teach them now to be frugal.
  7. Purchase less house than you can afford.
  8. Refinance your existing home for lower rates.
  9. Use free online phone service such as skype.
  10. Use online codes for prepaid phones for more minutes.(trac phone codes)