Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't Fight With Your Lender Without Proof- Why You Should Sue Your Lender

Have a Seat!!
If you don't think this pertains to you you could be wrong. Especially if your home mortgage loan was originated in the early 2000s.

It does't matter if your not loosing your home or you have lost it already. Wouldn't you want to know if you should be paying less or are due damages for your pain? Get a free document report today.

Being in danger of losing your home is stressful and can harm the stability of your family. So is paying more than the house is worth.

You may go to the bank for help but if you really want to save your home why are you going to the enemy?

 The bank does an analysis to determine what your property is worth to them.

I want you to realize that the bank is in the business of making money. So I am so sorry but if their analysis doesn't favor their bottom line, getting your reduction may be hurting you in the long run or too little to matter.

Banks have most likely sold your notes and may not even own the title anymore, which means they actually don't have the right to collect from you anymore.

Attorneys are now doing forensic audits on mortgages to expose what the bank has done with your mortgage. You may have a securitized loan. If it shows foul play this document will allow your attorney to (threaten the bank) negotiate to make right with the morgagee (you).

Get a free document report and consultation with an attorney in your state and see if you can sue your lender.