Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cheap Travel Sites And Really Cheap Plane Tickets

The Frugal Traveler: How to Travel and Go on Vacations on a BudgetWhen traveling you have to do you research for the best Cheap Travel Dealsavailable. Multiple sites allow us to check out multiple airlines and hotels at the same time.You can purchase cheap travel insurance as a option at any travel website.

Also don't forget to check your local paper, even in the days of the Internet. Deals you miss with popular travel and special hotel rates are on paper.

 Cheap Travel Sites

*The two services wants your money before letting you know your flight information.However if you chose Priceline's "Name Your Own Price" you may get the cheapest price on hotel and air online.

After looking and comparing website prices, don't stop there. You can call the hotel of your choice and ask for further discounts, even though the website boast the really cheap plan ticket price online.

Hotels will downgrade you if you except one of their unfavorable room with maybe a tear in carpet that has not been replace yet. They will not offer this, you will have to ask.
  • Book Early
  • Downgrade
  • Travel with group.
  • Travel mid-October to mid-May (off season)

Location, Location, Location

I know your wondering why I didn't add that you can book a hotel further away from activities. It can be cheaper away from tourist area. But can cost you more to travel back and forth apposed to paying extra to be closer. Do the math, especially if your paying for a family of 4 or more to travel.

Secret To Getting The Best Unadvertised Accommodation Deal?

Just Ask!

After finding out how much your room is ask...
  • Can you do better than that?
  • Can I have a room with a fridge/wifi
  • Do you have a nicer room for the same price?
  • Do you have a special room for families?
  • Do you have free parking or breakfast?
  • Can I have a double for the price of a single?
  • Do you have a smaller room for a lower price?
Warning: Do not touch minibar drinks or food, ever! You will be billed top price.

Find Cheap Hotel Sites

When shopping for hotel stays, make a list of the places you want to stay. Go to their company website and look for their specials. Business hotels have two day or week end getaway packages some include an all inclusive deal which means free meals!

Other Cheap Lodging Accommodations

You can be a guest in someone else's home through networks that match up host and travelers. The cost is considerably cheaper but the personal care you receive is priceless. You can have a private room and bath or you can sleep on someone else's couch (seriously).
In exchange for lodging you may have to offer your place in exchange to members traveling to your neck of the woods. The sites will let you know what is required.

Travel Cheap By Land

Now that you have made arrangements to leave, let's not waste money getting to the airport with expensive taxis. Use a group van service or your carpool partners.
When traveling by subways be sure to inquire about visitor cards and all day metro cards to save on all day travel.New York has a 7 day Metro Card for at this time $27.

When getting your rental car ask for the cheapest one, they may not be able to fill your order because they can not be sure what's available by the time you come pick up the car. They may have to upgrade for free. But be aware that the bigger better car may be a gas guzzler and end up costing more. Stay fuel efficient. This is a shared van service that cost much less than a taxi.

If you took a month off to travel Amtrak goes everywhere in the US and Canada. Their 30 travel pass is perfect to nonstop travel enjoyment. You can get a 30 day pass to travel to your hearts content. When you plan 3 or more days in advance you get a special rate and 50% discount on your travel companions ticket. 7 days in advance will get you "Go Anywhere Deals".

Cheap Travel Deals and Cheap Travel Idea's at your disposal, please bookmark this and by all means add any deals or travel discounts.