Monday, March 14, 2011

Increase Home Value

Updating your home is always a wise decision. You can add value to your home with easy task that require you to hire a contractor or designer. You will have the enjoyment and pride of a beautiful home and the added value and appeal when you are ready to sell.

Visit design stores or websites to get your creative juices flowing. This is a job you can certainly do to add value to your home and take pride in after you finish.

Of course the smiliest thing you can do is give your home a new paint job. You may want to add color on an accent wall to show off family pictures or to make a space seem separated from the rest of a larger space.

Update Sinks And Vanities

The first thing you would do to make substantial and lasting changes is to replace outdated sinks from kitchen and bathrooms. These are the first places a new buyer would look for to determine their fit in their new home.

Choosing a glass vessel or porcelain sink will be affordable and stylish. It will also be easy to clean and durable throughout the years. Of course their is a much wider material choices with sinks nowadays, you can even get a bamboo or stone sink!

When replacing vanities and counter tops replace and update the hardware as well to add a more attractive look in this space.

Wall Shelving

Wall shelves made of glass are a very addition. The should be quality wood shelving or glass and will add storage space and update your floor plans in your kitchen and bathroom.

Adding more storage space is always an attractive feature to anyone with a family that needs to be organized with ease.This is a very affordable way to enhance the value of your home. Shelving is very inexpensive opposed to building new closets and buying wall units.

Replace Your Old Toilets

The toilets in an old home can be a money faucet if it is wasting water with each flush and is an eye soar. You can replace your toilet with a new duel flush money saving toilet. You will be surprise how stylish they can be and how much money you can save on your water bill.

Upating your home is a task that must fit in your current budget. If you want to add value to your home don't go outside of your budget and lose money on the front end.

Upgrading Your Home On A Budget means sticking to a budget will allow you to get everything done to turn your home into something you will be very proud to show to your friends and family as well as rewarding when the time comes to upgrade to your next home.